The City of Plano Recovering From Severe Flood Damage

PLANO (WBAP/KLIF) – The city of Plano is recovering from severe flooding damage form heavy rainfall over the weekend.

The city lost over $220,000 worth of property and equipment at Oak Point Park, where the Balloon Festival was canceled.

Plano Risk Manager Jim Revis said to the festival site included a utility car, surveillance cameras and a mobile animal shelter. Revis said all animals were rescued and they are in contact with insurance companies to get reimbursed for all of the damage.  

Additionally there’s damage to playground equipment at Stoney Hollow Park, Bob Woodruff North and damage to Pecan Hollow Golf Course. The cost for that is still unknown. “We do have insurance to protect us on this and will replace this equipment as quickly as we can,” Revis said.

Officials reported no homes were affected.