Dallas Man May Pursue Legal Action After Alleged Shoplifting Incident at Frisco’s Stonebriar Center

Frisco (WBAP/KLIF) – A Dallas man who was shopping at Frisco’s Stonebriar Mall last week says he was racially profiled by a Finish Line employee and accused of shoplifting while out with his kids.

A video of the incident on YouTube shows 28-year-old Ro Lockett and his friend handcuffed while police search their bags.

Towards the very end of the video, after cuffs were removed, Lockett says, “This is what it’s like living in America while black.

“We’re in here shopping for the kids, we’re just spending monday and they see us and they want to say that we’re stealing. We show them receipts for everything we just purchased and they have to let us go.”

His attorney says they aren’t sure if he’ll pursue legal action against Finish Line.

Frisco PD is reviewing the incident.  Meantime, it has released a statement about the incident. It reads in part:

“FRISCO, TX – On Wednesday, November 21st at approximately 2:00 p.m., the Frisco Police Department
responded to a shoplifting call from the Finish Line store, which is in the Stonebriar Mall. Once officers arrived, store employees pointed out two adult males (one African American and one white), who they suspected of stealing approximately $600 worth of merchandise. Both males were detained by
Frisco Police officers as they left another store. Upon completing a field investigation, the responding officers determined the individuals were not in possession of any stolen property and they were immediately released.

The Frisco Police Department is aware of the video circulating online and the questions that have been
raised. Through our long-standing contacts with local community leaders, we have been in contact with one
of the involved parties, Mr. Lockett, and have attempted to contact the other, Mr. Kibart. Mr. Lockett was
given information on how to file a formal complaint and we encourage both parties to do so.”

Read the complete statement here.

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