After Months of Rehabilitation a Wounded Falcon is Back out in the Wild in Plano

A wounded falcon that was shot in Garland mid November is now back out in the wild in Plano.

Pellet removed from Falcon

Erich Neupert Executive Director for the Blackland Prarie Raptor Center said the American Kestrel got a second chance at life, now flying at the Oak Point Park Nature Preserve. “We had to do surgery to remove a large pellet from it and it had to go through a lot of rehabilitation and physical therapy to get to this day,” Neupert said.

He said the chance of the bird’s survival was slim but is alive thanks to the Garland resident who found it in time.

“We gave this bird a second chance in a nice, quiet , great area… this is what Kestrels need, a good opportunity to do what it loves best in the wild,” Neupert said.

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