Hundreds of North Texas Truckers Protest Over Regulation in Slow Roll Drive Out of Terrell

TERRELL (WBAP/KLIF News) – Hundreds of North Texas truckers embarked on a “Slow Roll” protest out of Terrell to push back against what they see as over regulation in the trucking industry.

The group started the roll around 8 a.m. Wednesday at the T-A off of I-20 and Wilson. They formed a caravan that moved at speeds from five to ten miles per hour under the speed limit to ensure safety on the roads.

After departing from Terrell, the group went east on Hwy 80, then to 635, 35 southbound then I-20 eastbound into downtown Dallas.

Rob Goodwin is with “Stand as One Texas” and said it’s a difficult time for truckers right now.

“We’re just tired of all the over regulation pieces. They’ve raised the tolls, they’ve cut the rates, we’ve got these ELDs in our trucks now that limit the amount of time that we can be on the road,” he said.

The sheer number of 18-wheelers was a sight to see for anyone who encountered the caravan.

It’s a visual Goodwin said should drive home an important point to citizens.

“Without us, America doesn’t operate. We’re the back bone of America. People can go hungry for a minute but let them go without toilet paper and they’ll get fussy real quick,” he said.

Goodwin said TX-DOT encouraged the group not to conduct the protest.

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