Denton Man Gets 48 Years For Injuries Caused in Gruesome Assault on Child

John Scott Tufts. 48 (Denton County Jail)

Denton, TX (WBAP/KLIF) – A Denton man was sentenced Thursday to nearly five decades in prison after being convicted for causing injury to a child. 48-year old John Scott Tufts was found guilty of using a toy doll in the gruesome sexual assault of a 5-year girl in 2016.

Tufts caused serious injury from what the Denton County district attorney’s office described as “unspeakable acts to an innocent child.”

The child required several surgeries and a colostomy bag to recover from her injuries.

Tufts originally told investigators that the child injured herself with a Barbie doll. Doctors however told police that the injuries were not self-inflicted.

John Tufts claimed he’d left the girl in the bathtub and found her later injuring herself with the doll. He said he took it from her and put her to bed, according to the affidavit.

Records say he then sent a photo of the bloody doll to his wife, Georgiana Hughes Tufts, who was at work, and asked her what to do.

She told police she didn’t check on the child that night but put a menstrual pad in her underwear the next morning to soak up the continued bleeding and scheduled a doctor’s appointment for her.

During the investigation, the girl told a therapist that a “bad guy” and “monster” hurt her.

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