Texas Group Urges Legislature to Pass Online Voter Registration to Increase Voter Turnout

AUSTIN (WBAP/KLIF)- According to a U.S. Elections report, Texas went up in voter participation in the Midterm Election.  The “America Goes to the Polls” report gives a definitive analysis of 2018 voter participation across the country. The state-by-state data indicates voter participation in Texas increased in 2018,Texas moved up from the bottom 5 states up to the bottom 10 states in voter participation. Grace Chimene, President of the Texas League of Women Voters is pleased with the increase but said Texas still has a lot of work to do. She said the report consistently indicates a direct correlation between the voter registration system and more participation. Chimene said she hopes Texas voter turnout will increase by passing online voter registration. “Every session I am hopeful they pass online voter registration, I hope that Texas modernizes and develops a voter registration system that is accurate and secure,” Chimene said.  She said there are multiple voter registration bills now under consideration in the 86th Texas Legislature designed to improve voter participation and maintain the integrity of the election process. The League of Women Voters of Texas believes passing Online or electronic Voter Registration is a significant positive step forward on both counts. Online voter registration has already been adopted in 37 states. To that effect, HB 361 has been introduced by Representative Celia Israel with companion SB 734 introduced by Senator Kirk Watson. To date, 60 representatives – including members of both parties – have signed on as cosponsors to HB 361. This bill already has almost as many bipartisan joint authors and co-authors as are required to pass it on the House floor.