A Richardson Woman Is Vying to Make Rep. Colin Allred a One-Term Congressman

(Tania Burgess for Congress)

Dallas (WBAP/KLIF) – A Richardson woman is vying to make freshman Rep. Colin Allred a one-term congressman.
Just months after being sworn in as Texas’ newest 32nd District congressman following his defeat of Republican Pete Sessions last year, another Republican has emerged in an effort to take back the seat from the Democrat.

Tania Burgess of Richardson dubs herself a “Republican American First Candidate.”  She has filed paper work to seek the GOP nomination to challenge Allred in 2020.

She supports and “America irst economy,” according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, as well as the conservative-popular E-verify system to screen employees for citizenship and voter ID, among other things.

A campaign website is already seeking donations.

The home page of the website reads, in part:

“I am all about my faith, family, freedom, country and the people of the greatest country I’ve ever known, AMERICA.  Texas is my birth place and the home I love with my heart. AMERICA is the only home we have with nowhere else to run. We the People are the backbone of this nation. When AMERICA is weak, we are her strength to rebuild her stronger, bigger and greater than she ever has been. We have a responsibility to rise up and PROTECT AMERICA.  Our founding fathers gave us the right to fight for AMERICA knowing that she couldn’t be saved without us.”

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