Texas Tornado Touchdown; Severe North Texas Weather


UPDATED: 4/15/19 – Texas (WBAP/KLIF) – Two East Texas towns are reeling in the aftermath of a powerful EF-3 tornado Saturday.

Franklin, Texas Mayor Molly Hedrick told WFAA-TV that the damage looked as though a bomb had gone off.

“People were coming out of the woodwork to help, asking, ‘What can we do, who can we help?’  Like the food trucks you saw, they knew there were going to be hungry people. People who were working. People who were displaced. And they just came,  Mary Molly Hedricks told WFAA-TV.

Several people were treated for injuries in Franklin and neighboring Alto, TX.


Meantime Texas Baptist Men left Dallas Sunday morning for the region armed with some needed supplies and tools, a traveling kitchen and portable showers.

Other needed items include:

*Gatorade Sodas Chips (individual bags) Sanitizer wipes and sanitizer

*Water Toilet paper Paper towels Lots of storage totes Toothpaste &

Insulinm, diabetic strips, glucometers, 

*Deodorant Soap Shampoo Baby diapers Wipes and Baby bottles

*Hair brushes Dish soap and Work gloves

Banancorp South Bank has also set up a relief fund for monetary donations under Alto Relief Fund.

At least 8 fatalities are attributed to the storm in other parts of Texas.

See devastation in Franklin, TX from our media partner WFAA-TV.

UPDATE 7:10 PM 4/12/19 – Two children confirmed killed in Pollock, Tx, a third person reported in a mobile home reported to be completely demolished is missing.  As many as five people may be critically injured, but rescuers are still having trouble reaching those who need help because of power lines and debris on roads.  Highway 79 is the area impacted we are now hearing about; reports indicate half of the south side of Franklin is badly damaged.  Tornadoes or strong straight line winds are also reported to have done damage in Alto, Texas, and there may be more areas suffering damage not yet reached by rescuers.

Original post:
FORT WORTH – WBAP/KLIF – National Weather Service meteorologist Jason Godland tells us emergency officials in two counties around College Station are out assessing damage done by what’s believed to be at least one, possibly more, tornadoes on Saturday.  Officials are surveying damage reported in Robertson and Leon counties; and Godland says radar indications also showed a likelihood of tornado activity.

Godland says North Texas and the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex areas saw anywhere from one to one and a half inches of rain, but some areas have seen in excess of two inches of precipitation so far today, with more expected early tonight.  Hail has also been reported in the metros and across North Texas today, from quarter-sized to golf ball-sized hail.

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