Fort Worth Swat First to Use ‘Rook’ Tactical Bullet Proof Vehicle in Texas

FORT WORTH (WBAP/KLIF)- The Fort Worth SWAT Department introduces a new vehicle to keep officers and the community safe. It’s called the Rook and it’s similar to a skid steer loader for construction. Lieutenant Todd Plowman said the Rook is used when dealing with a hostage situation, a barricaded victim or even to remove debris after a storm.

“This device keeps my officers safe especially when shots are being fired.. we can get extremely close and stay protected,” Plowman said.

The Rook is custom designed and fabricated by Ring Power Corporation with rubber tracks, dual joystick controls, cameras, gun port holes, rear and front lights, an enclosed cab with air conditioning/heat and operator comfort seat, custom installed bullet-proof glass, and NIJ Level IV armor cab reinforcement fabrication.

The Armored Deployment Platform allows officers to get to a building without going on foot and without a ladder or stairs.

Plowman said it was purchased through a grant and issued to the Fort Worth Department. He said other local agencies can borrow the Rook during emergency situations.


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