North Texas Dog Lovers Bite Back After Legislative Maneuver Blocks Animal Cruelty Bill

Photo: Madison Murphy Via Dogs of HD-92

BEDFORD (WBAP/KLIF) – A group of North Texas dog lovers is barking up the tree of a State Representative who it says killed an animal cruelty bill in the state legislature.

Senate Bill 295 would have made it a crime to use a chain tether to restrain a dog outside. It also would have required dog owners to ensure that pets have access to shelter and water. But Representative Jonathan Stickland of Bedford killed the bill with a legislative maneuver.

Activists spoke at a ‘Memorial Day’ protest in Bedford.

“You can’t spend anytime in the company of a companion animal and not realize they are just as intelligent as we are in their own way,” said an organizer. “I know that all of you are just as upset as I am. You have a feeling that something must be done.”

More than 100 people participated in the ‘Dogs Against Stickland 1 Mile Dog Walk’ planned by the group, ‘Dogs of HD-92.’

Stickland also attempted to derail other bills this session, claiming they infringe on personal liberties. He asked the activists to reschedule their protest until he was in town, but organizers opted not to change plans.

The 86th Texas Legislative Session ended Monday.

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