North Texas Roofing Company Installs Free Roofs for Veterans in Need

FORT WORTH (WBAP/KLIF)- Every quarter Lon Smith Roofing offers a free roof installation to a Veteran who can’t afford it. First a veteran is nominated, then a committee goes to look at the roofs to make a selection. On Monday, they installed a roof for 95-year-old Raymond Barton, a Fort Worth man who served in the Marines during WWII.

“It’s old and had a lot of tree damage, he just couldn’t afford to pay for a new one…it’s been leaking for several years from our understanding but after today that won’t be a problem anymore,” said Lon Smith President David Cox. “It’s an honor to help our veterans,” he said. 

Barton lives in East Fort Worth. He said he’s thankful for Lon Smith to do this for him. “I am intensely grateful and I still can’t believe why these good things are happening to me because my whole life I’ve had to make my own way,” Barton said.

Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price also came to his home to personally thank him. “He was overcome by this generosity and I said ‘thank you for your service’ and he said ‘I just did my duty’,” said Price.

Lon Smith offers this service to Veterans in Fort Worth and Dallas. For more information visit:

Roof For Vets

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