Democratic Presidential Candidate Julián Castro Rally in Frisco

FRISCO (WBAP/KLIF)- Democratic Presidential Candidate Julian Castro spoke to a crowd at Collin County Community College in Frisco Monday afternoon.

Castro made headlines in the first of two debates when he challenged fellow Texan Beto O’Rourke in his decision not to support Castro’s ideas of decriminalizing border crossing.

Castro says what makes him stand out from other candidates is that he has executive experience having served as the U.S. Secretary of Housing and as San Antonio Mayor. He said he’s learned from his mistakes and experiences and is ready to become president. “In this country we have too many people sitting in positions of power and they are too proud or scared to admit that they are wrong… that affects all of us,” he said. “What matters the most is your judgement.”

Castro also notes he wants to address the rental affordability crisis, calling for investment in housing opportunities that will affect everyone. “What I have called for is continue to orient our programs that keep people in their homes, boosting our efforts at fair housing enforcement and ensuring we can do everything we can to expand the FHA,” Castro said.

When asked about this stance on gun policies, Castro said he wants to implement common sense gun reform.

”Eliminating the capacity of magazines, I support a renewed assault weapon ban, I believe we should strengthen our enforcement against things like straw purchasers and also enact red flag laws,” Castro said.

He said he supports universal background checks and gun buybacks to make cities safer.

“I’m going to work hard every single day, with the values I grew up with, with the lessons I learned here in  Texas, with the optimism I have for this country and the understanding that even though people come from different backgrounds I still fundamentally believe we want the same things for our family and for this nation, he said.

Election Day is November 3rd, 2020.