Wet Weekend Ahead for Parts of the Gulf Coast, Potential Hurricane Approaches

Photo: National Weather Service

(WBAP/KLIF) – A tropical system that’s expected to make landfall as a hurricane is prompting officials along parts of the Gulf Coast to prepare for flooding.

Parts of Louisiana have had a small dose of heavy rain and flooding already with flooded streets Wednesday in New Orleans. This, while forecasters warn of what would be Tropical Storm, or eventually, Hurricane Barry. The system is expected to become a tropical storm Thursday.
Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards said his state could see up to 12 inches of rain or more by Monday as the storm makes landfall and heads north.
The National Hurricane Center predicts landfall in Louisiana as a Category 1 Hurricane Saturday. Hurricane watches are now in effect in southern Louisiana, which  means hurricane conditions are possible in the area within the next 48 hours. Mississippi and Texas are also at risk of torrential rains.​​

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is urging all Texans to take steps toward preparedness as hurricane season continues, and to remain alert of any severe weather that may approach their communities.

“We are working collaboratively with state and local agencies to anticipate any severe weather threats and ensure that our communities have the resources they need to prepare,” said Governor Abbott. “I ask that all Texans stay alert to the developments of severe weather and heed all warnings from local and state officials as this storm approaches.”

The Texas Division of Emergency Management is currently monitoring a tropical system developing in the northeast portion of the Gulf of Mexico that poses an increased threat of rainfall and severe weather. This system has the potential to impact parts of the state over the next several days, including areas of east Texas and along the coast. State resources stand at the ready to provide assistance to Texans affected by this weather event.

Texans can visit https://gov.texas.gov/hurricane to learn more about the steps they can take now to prepare for hurricane season.

The National Hurricane Center warned Thursday: “The slow movement of this system will result in a long duration heavy rainfall threat along the central Gulf Coast and inland through the lower Mississippi Valley through the weekend and potentially into next week.”

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