Developers Build Smart Home Village in Alliance Texas

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FORT WORTH (WBAP/KLIF)-  Tacara Village, a 332-unit multifamily project, will be the first community to integrate smart home technology from the ground up at AllianceTexas, a 26,000-acre master-planned development in north Fort Worth. Built by Hillwood, phase one of Tacara Village will open late this summer, with a planned completion by early 2020.

Chris Price Senior Development Director for Hillwood says this will set a new standard for multifamily communities by featuring some of the latest smart home devices that can be remotely monitored and controlled for ease of use including smart locks, thermostats, light switches and building/amenity access. Hillwood is partnering with Dwelo, a smart apartment service provider, to create a simple, seamless home automation experience. With Dwelo, residents of Tacara Village can control their smart in-unit devices through a fully integrated app. “There’s potential for energy savings remote access to their units AC can help them save money if they forget to change it when they go on vacation or even daily when they go to work,” Price said.
 Tacara Village comes on the heels of Hillwood’s recent announcement of establishing the AllianceTexas Mobility Innovation Zone, creating a testbed for future transportation technologies and platforms. With a rich history in multimodal options and technology, AllianceTexas is the ideal incubator for forward-thinking companies to develop, test and launch future solutions.
 Tacara Village is located at 10401 N. Riverside Dr., Fort Worth, TX 76244, and currently accepting preleases for late summer 2019. To learn more, visit: