Dallas-Based Rideshare Company Aims to Provide Safer Rides Than Uber, Lyft

Courtesy: Alto

DALLAS (WBAP/KLIF News) — There’s a new ride-share option in Dallas for those who find Ubers or Lyfts too risky.

The company Alto is offering its own ride-share service, where it has its own fleet of cars and hires its own drivers, rather than letting just about anyone sign up.

Alto’s founders say it prioritizes safety over convenience, during a time where the spotlight is on attacks against both drivers and passengers. Just last week, an Uber driver was attacked by a passenger in Dallas.

“We saw that problem very early on and have been focused on solving it from the beginning,” said CEO Will Coleman.

The cars also include audio and video recorders that upload every ride’s data to a cloud server accessible to the company.

Right now, Coleman says the service is only available on the Dallas-side of the metroplex and is not quite 24 hours yet. But the plan is to continue growing its fleet and hiring professional, qualified drivers in order to expand.

“We started the company because we believed there was a real problem to be solved,” Coleman said. “It started first and foremost with safety, for passengers and for drivers.”