Tarrant County Voters to Encounter New Voting Machines in November

FORT WORTH (WBAP/KLIF) – Tarrant County voters will encounter new voting machines at the polls this November.

The Tarrant County Commissioners Court allocated $11 million earlier to replace machines that were 15 years old. But the money came with one stipulation; there must be a way to keep a paper trail.

“The old machines were old so they needed to be replaced,” said Garcia. “I think Commissioners Court was very sensitive to the fact that people are saying they would be more comfortable with a paper trail.

It’s a concept Tarrant County Election Administrator Heider Garcia said is becoming increasingly popular.

“Finding the paper trail in the hybrid system is a trend we’re seeing a lot of jurisdictions going toward,” Garcia said.

The new machines allow voters to cast their ballots electronically, but then scan their choices into a separate machine that drops a hard copy into a ballot box.

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