Lancaster ISD Teacher on Leave, Allegedly Threatened Student with Deportation

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LANCASTER (WBAP/KLIF)- A Lancaster ISD teacher is on leave after allegedly threatening a 14-year-old Hispanic student with deportation.

The teacher at Obama’s 9th grade Center allegedly told the student even though he’s a citizen, President Donald Trump is making a law where he could be deported because of his mom’s status. Jaime Barron a North Texas immigration attorney says this isn’t possible unless he obtained his citizenship through fraud.¬†“Someone who is born in the country no matter of the status of his parents is 100% a U.S. citizen and in such, should never have any fear of deportation,” said Barron. “The situation is sad because a lot of people that live with undocumented people are afraid for their family… this teacher is scaring someone who is legally allowed in the country.”

Parents of the student claim the teacher gave their son a coin with the word “ICE” on it to teach him a lesson after he said¬† “Yeah” instead of “Yes sir” when answering a question.

Lancaster ISD gave WBAP/KLIF a written statement regarding the incident:

“Our district is aware of the comments made by a staff member to a student. We are working to gather all of the information so that we can conduct a thorough investigation. As of now the employee has been placed on administrative leave pending further investigation. Lancaster ISD does not support nor will we tolerate behavior that promotes division. Our district takes pride in being an inclusive district that puts students first regardless of their background. It is our goal to ensure a quality education for all students and a safe learning environment.”