The NRA hosting Gun Expo in Fort Worth, Residents have Mixed Feelings

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FORT WORTH (WBAP/KLIF)- The National Rifle Association will host it’s Personal Protection Expo at the Fort Worth Convention Center from Friday 9/6 to Sunday 9/8. The event plans to draw in a large crowd, thousands of gun enthusiasts to the area for the weekend. Some residents think it’s bad timing with the recent mass shootings, others feel it’s inevitable. “It would be courteous and be respectful to Texas to push it back with what has transpired in the recent months especially being so close to home,” said Brent Harrington. “I don’t think we should stop living our lives because of what happened..then the cowards have won,” said Carol Goble. The long-planned event will still go on and will have over 120 seminars teaching self defense and information about concealed carry methods. It will also have an exhibit hall showcasing firearms and accessories available for purchase. “Conventions like this makes gun purchases more accessible…it may excite the wrong people..I just don’t want guns to be in the wrong hands,” said a Fort Worth Security Guard who wanted to remain anonymous. However, others say the expo focuses on self defense and the importance of having protection, which is a good thing.

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