Dallas SWAT Fatally Shoots Suspect Linked to Murder of Restaurant Worker


Dallas (WBAP/KLIF) – A capital murder suspect was shot dead by Dallas SWAT overnight. The man was wanted for a robbery and fatal shooting at a Dallas restaurant on Lamar Wednesday afternoon.

Multiple suspects were tracked to the Solaris Apartments on Skillman Ave. in North Dallas around 12:30 this morning. During a chase shots were fired when one of the suspects was fatally wounded.

Police say the investigation was the result of a brazen robbery and murder that happened earlier in the day, Multiple suspects entered  Cafe Delicious on North Lamar around noon on Wednesdsay.   One of the suspects threw an employee to the ground and shot them. The victim died after being transported to an area hospital.

While the officers were watching the suspect vehicle last night, homicide detectives were obtaining a warrant and notified SWAT. When SWAT officers arrived on scene. The suspects exited the vehicle as SWAT officers approached and attempted to flee.

One of the fleeing suspects was carrying an assault rifle.

During the foot chase, a SWAT officer fired his weapon striking the suspect.

Officers administered first aid to the suspect, but he was pronounced deceased at the scene. There were no other injuries reported during this incident. The remaining suspects were detained and held for questioning.

This remains an ongoing investigation.

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