Uber plans to Test, Map out Dallas for Self Driving Rideshare Technology

DALLAS (WBAP/KLIF)- Uber hosts it’s first town hall at it’s new hub in Dallas to talk about self driving technology coming to the city.

Uber plans to have drivers map out the entire city starting next month.

Eric Meyhoffer CEO of Uber Advanced Technologies Group says this will be completely safe for riders and pedestrians. “This is very much pre-tested, we have several different types of sensors working 10 times a second looking at all the things, not just cyclists but anything in the lane of travel and we have a very comprehensive set of simulations,” Meyhoffer said.

Meyhoffer ensures this technology will not affect or replace any of the 3,000 jobs coming as a result of the new hub and will add to the city’s tech culture. He said this technology needs a lot of workers to maintain and keep it operational.

“We are doing this largely to grow….this will supplement and work in collaboration with the driver partners in North Texas and enable them to run higher density trip routes so have a fare in the car more often per time,” he said.

Mapping and testing should last several months and it will be 2-3 years before possible implementation.


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