An Early Crowd is Building Outside the AAC for Thursday’s Trump Rally

Dallas (WBAP/KLIF) – The crowd is already gathering outside the American Airlines Center for the Trump campaign rally tomorrow evening.

Among those in the small crowd that is slowly building, this group of women talked to us about why they came out so early.

“Mr Trump, President Trump. [What are some of the things that you support that he’s done?] Oooh so much, (the wall), the wall for sure… security … he brought faith back out in the community … all of the above and being able to say God again.”

The women, mostly strangers before today are from Des Moine, Iowa, Oklahoma, Fort Hood, Austin and Arlington.

And, the first person to show up overnight was, Richard Snowden, a loyal Trump supporter has been to 47 rallies over the past four years

Snowden says he is a big fan of the president …

“I’m a great supporter of President Trump … have from the beginning. He’s done a tremendous job.”

Another man from Austin is here with his son who is a political science major at Baylor and didn’t want to miss a ‘once in a life time opportunity’ to see a sitting president.


Listen for more, and what these ladies had to say about the Democratic-lead congressional impeachment inquiry.

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