President Trump to Speak to Thousands of Supporters in Dallas Tonight

UPDATED: 6:59AM: Hundrends of Donald Trump supporters began streaming into Victory Plaza this morning; dozens of them had been camped out, outside the American Airlines Center since Tuesday afternoon.

Trump rally goers are finally being allowed to line up in front of the AAC, not just sidewalks nearby. Some been here for more than 36 hours. “Dallas loves Trump” chants and “CNN Sucks” chants happened before this. @570KLIF @WBAP247NEWS #TrumpRally


Dallas (WBAP/KLIF) – President Trump holding a campaign rally tonight at the American Airlines Center in Dallas. Supporters anxious for his trip to Texas started lining up outside the venue as early Tuesday afternoon.

Trump acknowledged his DFW supporters in a tweet Wednesday.

A top senate Republican from Texas will be a part of the warm up act ahead of President Donald Trump’s rally tonight at the American Airlines Center.

Senator John Cornyn says he will focus his remarks on what lawmakers in Washington are doing for the economy.


“In Washington now instead of being on your back, in your pocket or in your way, is now stepping aside and letting the entrepreneurs, investors and job creators do what they do best which is to create jobs and opportunity.”

Cornyn says if this rally is anything like previous trump rallies… it will be something to behold.

Democratic Presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke planning a rally of his own just miles from the President’s. He calls it a “Rally Against Fear” in Grand Prairie.


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