Mother of 7-Year-Old Transgendered Child Want Judge Recused

Family District Judge Kim Cooks
Facebook photo

AUSTIN, TX (WBAP/KLIF News) — Legal wrangling continues in the case of a Dallas 7-year-old born with male genitalia who says he feels like a girl. The child’s mother, Anne Georgulas, filed a motion Tuesday asking that Dallas Judge Kim Cooks recuse herself from the custody battle being waged by the boy’s father, James Younger.

Georgulas is seeking legal confirmation of a jury verdict grant her sole custody of the child and wants Cooks, the judge in the original case, replaced because despite the jury’s recommendation Cooks granted joint custody. She also imposed a gag order on the parents but allegedly didn’t observe the spirit of that order herself. Georgulas claims Judge Cooks shared a story about the case from the Dallas Morning News on her personal Facebook page.

Younger claims his ex-wife intends to chemically castrate his son but the Georgulas claims she is only trying to achieve a social transition for the child. She says she has no plans to put the child on medication or hormones at such a young age.

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