Dallas Mayor Appoints Local Attorney to Review City Ethics Code

DALLAS (WBAP/KLIF) – Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson tackled ethics reform in the city on Friday with the announcement of an Ethics Reform Czar.

Dallas Attorney Tim Powers was appointed as the Chairman of the city’s Ethics Advisory Commission. Powers is a managing partner of the international law firm Haynes & Boone. He is tasked with forming a working group to focus on overhauling the city’s ethics code. According to Mayor Johnson, as the Ethics Reform Czar, Powers will present a set of recommendations to city leaders. Powers may also make other related proposals that can promote ethical behavior in city government.

“Tim Powers has an exceptionally brilliant legal mind,” Mayor Johnson said. “He is well-qualified and uniquely suited to lead our much-needed efforts to rewrite our ethics rules, and he brings with him a record of success both here in Dallas and around the world.”

The City Attorney’s office will provide assistance and advice to Powers’ group. The mayor intends to have the City Council vote on the item by the end of June.

“Dallas must strive to create a culture of ethical behavior and compliance,” Mayor Johnson said. “We must be able to show our residents, the people of this great city, that they can rely on those of us who they’ve entrusted with great responsibilities.”

Powers said he is “honored that Mayor Johnson has asked me to help our city improve its ethics code.”

“The City of Dallas deserves an ethics system that works — one that is based on best practices, is built upon a strong legal foundation, and is designed to work for Dallas now and into the future,” Powers said. “This effort is important and critical to our city, and I am excited to start.”

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