Improving Condition for Dallas Woman Mauled by Dogs

UPDATE 11-17 10:25 AM – Victim has improved; released from ICU and now in fair condition.

UPDATE 3:00 PM – The owner of the dogs was arrested late Friday and faces a 3rd degree felony charge of  Attack by Dog Causing Serious Bodily Injury; as well as an immigration hold. It’s believed the dogs allegedly owned by 44-year-old Martha Yescas-Lira escaped a yard by digging under a fence.  The dogs are now in the custody of Dallas Animal Control.  The victim has been in critical condition since arrival at an area hospital.  Police continue to investigate.

DALLAS (AP) – Police say a 76-year-old woman has been hospitalized in critical condition after she was mauled by three pit bull dogs.

A police statement says the incident was reported shortly before 11:30 a.m. Friday near Beckley Heights Park in far south Dallas. Officers arrived to find the woman still being mauled by the dogs.

Police say Dallas Animal Control have taken the dogs into custody and will issue citations to the owner. The case also will be referred to the Dallas County grand jury for possible criminal charges.

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