Dallas Firefighter Honored for Saving Woman’s Life

Danyeil Townzen

DALLAS (WBAP/KLIF) – A Dallas firefighter was honored Monday for his heroism that saved a woman’s life.

Firefighter, Peter “Pete” Hartnett, and the crew riding DFR Engine 28, were recognized outside a Dallas Fire Station for Pete’s life-saving actions on the morning of Monday, May 21, 2018, while responding to an “Aggravated Assault” call.

According to Dallas Fire Rescue, Engine 28 found Danyeil Townzen, who had been doused with kerosene and set on fire, rolling on the ground. Hartnett immediately jumped off the engine, while it was still in motion, and wrapped his bunker coat around the woman to put the flames out.

“All I remember is a gush of water which felt like the fire hose,” said Townzen. “And then the people telling me they are here. The I thought, I’m fine now.”

Townzen was able to tell firefighters the man standing next to them, who was originally thought to be someone who was trying to help, was actually the man who ignited her. The man ran to his vehicle to flee the scene, but Hartnett chased him down and opened his door to pull him out. He sped off towards the gate, with Hartnett in tow, and was able to make his escape after Hartnett was no longer able to hold on and fell to the ground.

The man was later taken into custody and sentenced to life in prison in September of this year.

Townzen was taken to Parkland Memorial Hospital. She spent more than a year in the hospital but survived.

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