Law Professors Take Center Stage in House Judiciary Committee Impeachment Hearings

Courtesy CNN

WASHINGTON (AP) – The impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump has shifted to the House Judiciary Committee.

Lawmakers are hearing testimony from four law school professors, including three who say they believe Trump’s interactions with Ukraine constitute impeachable offenses.

Republican lawmakers, meanwhile, sought to disrupt the start of the hearing using procedural motions, which failed. One was for a subpoena of the whistleblower whose complaint helped initiate the impeachment inquiry.

Republicans allied with the president are using the hearing to force procedural votes and delay the proceedings, signaling what could be a rowdy day of fighting.┬áThat’s one of the takeaways from Wednesday’s hearing in the House Judiciary Committee, which features testimony from four professors of law.

Another is that three of the witnesses made clear they thought President Donald Trump’s conduct met the definition of an impeachable abuse of power that the constitutional framers had in mind for removal of a commander in chief. The fourth witness warned the case against the president is wafer thin and the process is moving too fast.

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