Governor Abbott Praises DFW for its Role in Continued Growth Statewide

DALLAS (WBAP/KLIF) – Texas Governor Greg Abbott delivered the keynote address at the Dallas Regional Chamber’s State of the State Luncheon Thursday in Downtown Dallas. The Dallas Regional Chamber is supported by roughly 3,000 businesses and organizations across twelve counties, and its members represent nearly 600,000 area employees.

The Governor updated the chamber on the successes of the 86th Legislative Session, including property tax and school finance reforms.

He also highlighted the significant economic growth achieved throughout the Dallas region.

“The Texas economy is booming thanks in part to organizations like the Dallas Regional Chamber that continue to bring more investments and more jobs to the Lone Star State,” said Governor Abbott. “Working together, we will strengthen our commitment to economic excellence and perpetuate Texas’ legacy as a place of unrivaled opportunity and prosperity.”

The Governor said that one third of 300,000 new jobs in Texas are out of the DFW metroplex and that he doesn’t expect the trend to slow down anytime soon.

When discussing the future of the region, Abbott said his focus is on expanding medical facilities.

“That means providing greater access to the immediate healthcare needs for people in this region,” Governor Abbott said.

According to the Governor, medical research will play a big role in continued growth. He emphasized that in those efforts DFW has the state’s support.

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