Dallas Mayor creates International Advisory Council, Improving City’s Role in the International Scene

DALLAS (WBAP/KLIF)- The city of Dallas is implementing Mayor Eric Johnson’s International Advisory Council (MIAC) to improve the city’s international relations.

The council consists of a group of five Dallas residents who formerly held the rank of United States Ambassador.

Jeanne Phillips, MIAC Chair

Mayor Johnson appointed former U.S. Ambassadors Richard Fisher, Kathryn Hall, Robert Jordan, James C. Oberwetter, and Jeanne L. Phillips to the MIAC. The five have expertise in diplomatic relations and international business. Phillips will serve as the inaugural chair of the MIAC.

“This is an extraordinarily talented group with unparalleled experience in international affairs,” Mayor Johnson said. “I am grateful for their service to our country and to the City of Dallas.”

Among the topics the mayor expects the advisory council to explore:

  • The relationship between Dallas and the Washington, D.C.-based diplomatic corps.
  • The relationship between Dallas and foreign investors.
  • Ways to increase trade between Dallas and its top trade partners.

Mayor Johnson believes that Dallas can play a more significant role on the international scene. Dallas-Fort Worth ranked as the No. 2 region in Texas behind Houston for foreign direct investment, according to the Texas Trade and Foreign Direct Investment 2016 report produced by the Office of the Governor. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is also the No. 2 port for international trade in Texas.

“Dallas is a welcoming city that owns the country’s finest international airport, occupies a central location in the United States, and has incredible attractions, a diverse population, and the headquarters of ten Fortune 500 companies,” Mayor Johnson said. “I believe our city has enormous potential to improve its standing among global investors, foreign governments, and international tourists. I am excited to hear regularly from these five experts about how we can better tap into that potential.”

“Dallas has many of the fundamentals in place to improve its standing internationally. I am excited to work with my fellow former ambassadors and advise Mayor Johnson on strategies that will allow this great city to take its rightful place on the global stage.” – Richard W. Fisher, former Deputy U.S. Trade Representative.

“Increasingly, cities will be defined by their participation in international affairs. We must be ready for the future, and I am grateful that Mayor Johnson has placed his confidence in us to figure out how we can make Dallas a truly international city.” – Kathryn Hall, former U.S. Ambassador to Austria.

“I want to thank Mayor Johnson for asking me to serve as part of this distinguished advisory council. It’s time for our city to start asking what we can do to position ourselves to the rest of the world as a premier American city.” – Robert W. Jordan, former U.S. Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

“My experience tells me that Dallas is ready for greater foreign investment and international tourism. I appreciate Mayor Johnson’s foresight to appoint this advisory council, and I believe we can make a significant difference for our city.” – James C. Oberwetter, former U.S. Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

“I am thrilled that Mayor Johnson has convened this outstanding group of former diplomats. Boosting Dallas’ international standing will set our city up for sustained success in the years to come. I cannot wait to get started.” – Jeanne L. Phillips, former U.S. Permanent Representative to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

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