My Plates Rolls Out 2 New Texas A&M Plate Designs

Texas (WBAP/KLIF) – Starting today ‘My Plates’ has rolled out two new Texas A&M license plates for Aggies to enjoy.   

The first plate features a maroon background, with the famous ‘Gig’em Aggies’ slogan and the university’s logo; the other features a black background a larger A&M logo & the university’s ‘Home of the 12th Man’ trademark.

Over the past eleven years, Texans have purchased more than 450-thousand ‘My Plates,’ pumping over $80-million dollars the the state’s general revenue fund.

Aggies who wish to be one of the first to order these designs may do so at or visit Both A&M plate designs start as low as only $50/year when purchased annually or as little as $35/year when purchased for a 5-year term.

Since November 2009, Texans have purchased more than 450,000 My Plates, putting more than $80M in the general revenue fund, which helps pay for services for all Texans.

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