Two North Texans Quarantined on Cruise Ship in Japan

Diamond Princess is docked at Yokohama Port WFAA

YOKOHAMA, JAPAN (WBAP/KLIF NEWS)- Quarantine continues for multiple cruise ships as the Coronavirus continues to spread.

Passengers aboard multiple cruise lines off the coasts of Hong Kong and Japan continue to be quarantined to prevent the spread of the deadly Coronavirus. One of these cruise ships, named the Diamond Princess, currently has a little less than 500 Americans on board, including two north Texans by the name of Tyler and Rachel Torres. The two were celebrating their honeymoon. They both spoke about the conditions they’ve been living in since the quarantine began.

“We’ve got a good bit of water stock piled right now food is getting a little better. We’re tired of rice but we’re getting by,” said Tyler Torres.

Torres says the quarantine will last until February 19th.


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