Plano, Texas, Ranked Second in Happiest Cities Rating

Plano, Texas

DALLAS (WBAP/KLIF News) — Old sayings become cliches because of the truth in them. Take, for example the adage, “money can’t buy happiness”. It might help you find material satisfaction but money has little to do with overall contentment.

The most recent lifestyle survey by Wallet Hub ranks U.S. cities in terms of personal happiness based on a wide range of 30 criteria including economic opportunity, overall lifestyle satisfaction and community amenities.

Plano, Texas, ranks second among the top 50 cities listed in the survey. The number one ranking went to Fremont, California; Omaha, Nebraska was at the bottom.

Texas had four other cities in the top 50: Austin was 22nd on the list, Grand Prairie was number 27, Irving ranked 35 and Garland showed up at 43.

Here’s the full list from WalletHub:

1 Fremont, CA
2 Plano, TX
3 San Jose, CA
4 Irvine, CA
5 Madison, WI
6 Sioux Falls, SD
7 Huntington Beach, CA
8 Scottsdale, AZ
9 Santa Rosa, CA
10 Pearl City, HI
11 Bismarck, ND
12 Fargo, ND
13 Lincoln, NE
14 San Francisco, CA
15 Overland Park, KS
16 Santa Clarita, CA
17 Oceanside, CA
18 Glendale, CA
19 Anaheim, CA
20 Cape Coral, FL
21 Pembroke Pines, FL
22 Austin, TX
23 Gilbert, AZ
24 San Diego, CA
25 Chula Vista, CA
26 Garden Grove, CA
27 Grand Prairie, TX
28 Charleston, SC
29 Cedar Rapids, IA
30 Minneapolis, MN
31 Raleigh, NC
32 Aurora, CO
33 Chandler, AZ
34 Des Moines, IA
35 Irving, TX
36 Columbia, MD
37 Oxnard, CA
38 Peoria, AZ
39 Oakland, CA
40 St. Paul, MN
41 Fort Lauderdale, FL
42 Yonkers, NY
43 Garland, TX
44 Tempe, AZ
45 Boise, ID
46 Durham, NC
47 Las Cruces, NM
48 Aurora, IL
49 Charlotte, NC
50 Omaha, NE

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