Dallas Homeless Groups Call on City to Provide Self Isolation Spaces for Homeless Covid 19 Victims

WBAP/KLIF – As the city of Dallas bans the gathering of large groups, four lead organizations working with homeless populations are calling on the city to provide self isolation spaces for possible Covid 19 homeless victims.  OurCalling, The Bridge, Austin Street Shelter and Stew Pot representatives met Friday to discuss CDC suggestions to Americans to help slow the spread of the highly contagious virus.

Executive Director of the Stew Pot, aligned with First Presbyterian Church, says the groups discussed how to more effectively relay to the homeless evolving CDC guidelines for staying healthy and avoiding contracting the virus.   Shelters providing beds are now or intending to increase to at least three feet the distance between beds.

Snitzer says no homeless people have been confirmed positive with the Covid 19 virus, but their concern about the likely spread of it through that population comes from the difficulties of quick communication and dealing with people that may have compromised immune systems.  The virus is known to have a much higher death rate in those individuals.

OurCalling is using their homeless emergency broadcast system to deliver these messages throughout the city, and will deliver timely updates to the homeless as more information becomes available.

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