Five Dallas County Jail Inmates Test Positive for COVID-19, Others Quarantined

DALLAS (WBAP/KLIF) – Dallas County is facing a potential coronavirus outbreak in its jail.

According to Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins, five inmates have tested positive for COVID-19 with other test results pending.

An inmate in his 40’s, who was booked into the jail in December, first tested positive. Hours later four more inmates showed positive tests. Dallas County Sheriff Marion Brown said Tuesday that the infected patients were all being held in one pod with even more inmates.

“They too are being separated and quarantined,” Sheriff Brown said.

According to Judge Jenkins, if more inmates test positive the county will activate it’s contingency plan.

“That is to open a 114 bed unit that is already ready on top of the George Allen Courthouse,” said Jenkins. “It was decommissioned last year.”

Test results for other inmates are expected to be released this week.

Listen to Clayton Neville’s story below:

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