Farmers Branch Mayor Paying for Meals to Support Local Businesses

FARMERS BRANCH (WBAP/KLIF)- The Mayor of Farmers Branch is providing free meals to the first 100 people who order food from any of the city’s restaurants.

Mayor Robert Dye said it’s a way to support local businesses who are struggling with sales during this time. “When I hear that restaurant revenue business is down 50-66% from where it was and they are wondering if they should close, I thought of a way to inspire people to come out and make up that difference,” said Dye.

Dye said some residents have even asked for the reimbursement to go back to charity or to the restaurant so they can make double the profit. “It’s inspiring to see that so many people want to give back and help others during this difficult time,” he said. Dye also mentions this could be a way to try new restaurants in the city and once this is all over, those restaurants will have a new customer base.

“It’s a way to not only help our local businesses but it also families who are struggling…not every meal needs to be a home cooked meal and this provides some kind of hope,” he said.

All you have to do is send your receipts to use the hashtag #mealsonthemayor on social media and he will reimburse you.

Dye said he’s looking into a way to make this more long term but for now, you don’t have to be a resident of Farmers Branch, you just must order food within the city.

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