Dallas Food Truck Company Serves Meals to Essential Workers Amid COVID-19

DALLAS (WBAP/KLIF)- A Dallas food truck company, Ruthie’s, is supplying meals for essential workers during the COVID-19 Pandemic. “One of our customers called and graciously underwrote Ruthie’s to go out and feed the late night medical staff at Parkland and today we are at a retirement home also feeding the workers there,” said Ruthie’s Owner Ashlee Kleinert.

Kleinert said Ruthie’s has also partnered with Cafe Momentum, a Dallas restaurant that helps at-risk

youth learn culinary skills. Kleinert said together, they have made thousands of food boxes to give to food insecure families in Dallas ISD.

“In times of great stress and uncertainty, sometimes it just helps to get out and do something and not feel like a victim of a situation of something we can’t control. We can control our attitudes and the ability to help and serve someone else,” said Kleinert. “It’s great because we have these trucks that we can drive out to wherever we are needed to be and serve the community,” she said. Kleinert thanks her team for their effort to give back and help others during this time. 

So far, Ruthie’s has delivered 2,500 meals and 1,200 boxes a week are being packed at Cafe Momentum.

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