Pizza Patron Donates Big to CitySquare Food Pantry

DALLAS – WBAP/KLIF – Pizza Patron is donating $20,000 to CitySquare Food Pantry on Friday, to help the agency purchase more food and cover some operational expenses for services while continuing to help the hungry through the Covid 19 pandemic.

CitySquare’s John Siburt says more food must be purchased to continue to help the hungry, with grocery store and restaurant food donations down as supplies get tighter and some of those businesses have put operations on pandemic pause.

CitySquare’s social service programs provided help to 58,000 last year despite it’s beginnings as a small food patntry in 1988.  Now, CitySquare is involved in the fight against poverty in four areas; hunger, health, housing and hope.  The Pizza Patron $20,000 donation will be used in several areas, including extra cleaning, protective gear for workers and volunteers, and perhaps even purchase of food.

Pizza Patron operates several locations in several major Texas cities; Dallas Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston.

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