Car Insurance Companies Cutting Costs Because People aren’t Driving as Much

DALLAS (WBAP/KLIF)- With less people driving on the roads during the pandemic, car insurance companies are helping Texans save money. Camille Garcia with the Insurance Council of Texas said ICT works with over 400 insurance carriers in the state and all are offering deals in their own way. “Customers are seeing either direct deposit or refund if they’ve already paid their premium in full, a credit on their next month’s billing statement from a 5-25% discount, some are seeing credits coming at their next renewal,” said Garcia.

Garcia said it all depends on your insurance carrier and could either be for 2 months during the pandemic or for the length of your policy.

“Most insurance companies are doing this without the customer having to contact them to make it easier for their listeners,” said Garcia.

She encourages people to give your agent or insurance company a call if you haven’t seen any changes to your policy. “Ask them what specifically they are doing for your policy premium and ask what you can do to save yourself some money,” she said.

Her advice is to do an insurance checkup and update any information needed to save more money.