Latest Metroplex Covid 19 Numbers Still Sobering

DALLAS – WBAP/KLIF – Dallas County Saturday reported three additional deaths, bringing to 210 the death rate attributed to Covid 19.  The county also released more positive cases for the corona virus at 172 new cases.

“Today’s number ends the week with an average of 200 cases a day, down from an average of 233 cases a day last week. We had 40 deaths this week, including the three that were announced today, and this is up from 27 last week. The hospitalizations for COVID-19, ICU admissions, and emergency room visits for COVID-19 symptoms have remained flat over the last week. Overall, this week has been good news and we will hopefully begin to see a decline, but that is entirely up to you. We must all make good decisions and focus not on what is legal, but on what is safe. You can download the guidelines prepared by local medical experts at Avoid crowds, when you must be in a crowd wear a face covering and maintain 6 foot distancing, and practice good hygiene by washing your hands regularly. And remember, the safest thing to do right now is #StayHomeSavesLives,” said Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins.

Tarrant County reports two additional deaths; 53 new cases of Covid 19 on Saturday.

Denton County reports no new deaths, but 7 new cases of the virus in its tested residents.

Collin County reports 4 new cases of coronavirus.


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