Protest Against Contact Tracing to Be Held on Tuesday

FRISCO (WBAP/KLIF NEWS)- The contact tracing method of tracking COVID-19 has been used by Texas in the battle against the virus, and recently the state has decided to more than double the amount of contact tracers on the job to 4,000.

But there are some who are against it.

“COVID while it’s real it’s just not been a hugely significant issue as far as deaths and we just think it’s extreme over kill,” said Texans Against Contact Tracing representative Grant Bynum

It is because of this the TACT will be holding an event to protest this plan on Tuesday a the MTX facility in Frisco (the company in charge of future contact tracing) on Tuesday. Bynum believes that between 100 and 200 people might attend the protest.

You can find more details about the event at the Texans Against Contact Tracing Facebook page.

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