Former Game Show Host Chuck Woolery Backtracks on COVID-19 Tweet After Son Tests Positive

(Photo by Paul Redmond/FilmMagic)

Undated (WBAP/KLIF) – Former game show host Chuck Woolery has reportedly deleted his Twitter account after facing backlash over a recent tweets made about COVID-19.

Earlier this week the former ‘Love Connection’ host and Trump supporter suggested that the CDC, the media, Democrats and doctors were “lying about  COVID-19 to make sure Trump lost the election.”


President trump even retweeted it.  

Twitterverse put Chuck Woolery on blast, accusing him of not understanding the seriousness of the pandemic, which has killed over half a million people worldwide.

A day later Woolery backtracked on his philosophy about the virus after admitting that his son has tested positive for the virus.

In a subsequent Twitter post, he wrote, “COVID-19 is here and it is real, and I feel for those suffering and especially for those who have lost loved ones.”

The online publication reports that President Trump has not commented on the new revelation.

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