Democrats Try to Defund the Military

(WBAP/KLIF) — New York slashed a billion dollars from the state’s police department budget, earlier this month, as lawmakers caved to pressure from groups to “defund the police”.

Democrats in the House of Representatives recently proposed cutting roughly $65-billion from the national defense budget.  According to the Heritage Foundation’s Jim Carafano, the move is an offshoot of the effort to defund the police.  However, cutting defense spending sends the wrong message to other countries.

The proposal in Congress aimed at defunding the military, was fortunately defeated, last week.  The National Defense Authorization Act is passed by congress each year and authorizes the national defense budget.

the heritage foundation’s jim carafano says the house proposed cutting 10% from the defense budget as an extension of the “de-fund the police” movement.

he says the same measure was implemented during the obama administration, which resulted in disastrous effects across the globe as Russia invaded Georgia and Ukraine, while China became aggressive in the South China Sea.

Carafano says although the measure was defeated, he believes playing politics with the nation’s defense budget is risky.

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