Dallas County Reports “Sharp Uptick” in Number of Children Contracting COVID-19

DALLAS (WBAP/KLIF) – Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said Friday that the county is experiencing a “sharp uptick” in the number of children contracting COVID-19.

The warning comes after Dallas County reported the COVID-19 related death 5 year-old boy who was a resident of the City of Dallas. He had been critically ill in an area hospital, and had underlying high risk health conditions.

“This is our first pre-teen death here in Dallas County,” said Jenkins. “I want to point out to the public that we have seen We currently have over 1,450 children under age 18 who’ve tested positive since July 1. Parents, it’s imperative that children, like everyone else, follow the guidelines to stay safe. Wear a mask whenever possible, avoid contact outside the home and unnecessary trips.”

According to Jenkins, Dallas County is beginning to see a positive trend in coronavirus cases due to the masking order.

“The fact that our numbers are down though does not mean that we can afford to relax what we’ve been doing,” said Jenkins. “One hundred percent mask wearing around other people outside your home is critical to our success going forward.”

Dallas County Health and Human Services reported 659 additional confirmed cases and 9 more deaths related to COVID-19, bringing the total confirmed case count in Dallas County to 44,746, including 586 confirmed deaths.

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