UT Southwestern Medical Center Begins Study to Better Understand the Spread of COVID-19

Courtesy CDC

DALLAS/TARRANT COUNTY (WBAP/KLIF NEWS)- As COVID-19 continues to rapidly spread throughout North Texas, UT Southwestern Medical Center has started a study to figure exactly why it is doing so.

The study will enroll 45,000 residents from both Dallas and Tarrant county across all diversities, while also selecting 14,000 citizens with essential higher-risk occupations. To do this, they will be selecting participants by address and mailing them invitations to participate. UT southwestern’s Dr. Amit Singal, is calling on residents from both counties to check their mail.

“The main goals we want to do is to figure out how much COVID-19 has impacted Dallas and Tarrant counties, which populations is truly the highest risk, and which geographic area is truly the highest risk,” said Dr. Singal.

Participants will undergo both a COVID-19 test and an antibody test in the process to help doctors understand both active infection and prior exposure in order to get a sense of how COVID-19 has impacted the local community.

Singal hopes the data collected from this study will help inform what needs to be done to re-open the economy safely and return to normal.

Visit utswmed.org for more information on the study.


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