Keene ISD to Open for In-Person Classes Starting Tuesday

Courtesy of WFAA-TV

KEENE (WBAP/KLIF NEWS)- Larger school districts have pushed the start of school back while also offering online and virtual learning when classes begin as COVID-19 continues to spread. But one of North Texas’ smaller communities will be opening its doors come Tuesday.

Superintendent of Keene ISD Ricky Stephens told WFAA-TV he will be opening all three of the district’s campuses.

“It’s gonna be a year like we’ve never seen before,” said Stephens.

Stephens estimates only about 75% of the districts 1,079 students will show up to in-person classes but teachers are prepped for virtual learning as well.

Johson County has had far lower COVID-19 numbers than the larger counties. Reporting just over 1300 cases since the pandemic began.