Fort Worth Mayor: “It’s Time to Just Open up Our Economy and Get Our Businesses Back on Track”

FORT WORTH (WBAP/KLIF)- Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price is ready to get things open again.

“I’m done with this virus and I’m ready for public health to just work on this virus…it’s time to just open up our economy and get our businesses back on track and get people lives back,” said Price.

Price said the Covid-19 infection rates are staying fairly steady and hospital rates have ticked up a little but it seems to be going back down flat.

Price said they’re working closely with the bars, who have been struggling since they’ve had to close. Price said they have worked very closely with bar owners and connected them with restaurants so they can serve food to stay afloat, as well as provided these bars with CARES Act funding.

Price said their strong and vibrant downtown has also suffered in the last 7 months and they are going to have a round table discussion with some of the business owners to talk about the return of employees in the office.

As far as tourism, Price said that’s slowly picking back up.

“We are working with Visit Fort Worth and have invested some extra money in helping Visit Fort Worth promote the city in areas like Abilene and Oklahoma City that might not be their regular drive but they may want to come down for the day or the weekend,” she said.

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