Ammo Shortage Hits U.S. Amid Record Gun Sales


DALLAS (WBAP/KLIF)- A shortage of ammunition in the U.S. is set to continue following record firearms sales this year.

“They’ve sold approximately 28 million guns in the first 9 months of 2020 and they sold 28 million guns in the entire 2019 so we are on pace to far exceed the record in gun sales,” said Robert Owens, former Dallas SWAT commander and Co-owner of OwenRiggs, a  Dallas-based firearms training service for new gun owners.

He said an uptick in gun sales means a shortage of ammo.

“Supplies are dwindled and if you can even find it, let’s say for a 9mm, prices have gone from .25 cents a round, now it’s at $1,” he said.

Owens said the spike in sales is caused by the uncertainty of elections, Covid-19 and the rise in crime.

“Just realizing police can’t save you because we’ve seen in the demonstrations and rallies, they are so overwhelmed so they’re either not going to come  or will be late…Also,it happens every 4 years..people always get worried during presidential elections because they fear gun law changes,” said Owens.

Owens said if you are in the market for a gun, he strongly urges new gun owners to get proper training and take the Texas concealed handgun course.