McKinney Citizens Committee Recommends Leaving Throckmorton Statue Where It Is

McKinney, TX (WBAP/KLIF) – An 11 person citizens committee is recommending by a 6-5 majority, that the statue be left where it is in the McKinney downtown square. Despite complaints that it brings up feelings of slavery and racial intolerance, Judge Nathan White speaking for the majority pf the ad-hoc committee says the statue simply pays tribute to a prominent resident.

“Governor Throckmorton is not wearing a military uniform. He is not carrying a weapon. He is wearing civilian clothing typical of the time and one must really strain that there is anything really menacing of threatening about the statue.”

Meanwhile, the five member minority on the committee believe that the statue and community is best served by having it moved to the Collin County Historical Museum. The former Brigadier General and former Governor of Texas is accused of standing behind a plan to make blacks a secondary social class while in office.

The city council has not yet set a date for a vote on what to do with the statue.

(McKinney City Hall)

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