Red Oak Man Dubbed Serial Killer, Charged with Celina House Fire Murder and Other Random Shootings

DALLAS (WBAP/KLIF)- A Red Oak man linked to several North Texas Murders has been arrested.

31-year-old Jeremy Harris is being charged for the murder of his ex-girlfriend’s father in Celina. Harris is also the accused suspect in a shooting spree, including the the death of a Dallas man in his car at a stoplight and a homeless man. Dallas Police have also linked Harris to the death of Southern Methodist University (SMU) student Jaden Urrea. Urrea, 19, had been walking home from a Halloween Party when the incident took place, according to his family. Police say Urrea was found on the street with a gunshot wound on October 31st at around 3am.

“I believe he is the definition of a serial killer,” said Deputy Chief Reuben Ramirez. “Besides from the Celina death it has been random, there’s no known association between the victims and him. The characteristics of the shootings are similar, he’s always shooting out of a vehicle,” said Ramirez.

Harris and his vehicle were found in Ellis County where he was arrested. He’s being held in the Ellis County jail on a $1 million bond. Two Dallas County murder charges have also been added to his records.

Dallas Police Chief Rene Hall said they are so grateful he is out of the community and behind bars.

“Violence in general, homicides, aggravated assaults put a certain level of fear into our community to begin with. But the knowledge that someone is randomly, with no regard for human life, going around murdering people, that’s a sperate kind of fear,” said Hall.

On the morning of November 18th, police responded to a house fire in Celina where firefighters found the body of 60-Year-Old Blair Carter, the father of Harris’ former girlfriend.

Witnesses say they saw a man, approximately 5’7″ leaving the home, dressed in black and carrying an unknown object.

On Saturday evening,  36-year-old Adam Gautreau was shot and killed while panhandling at the intersection of Empire Central Drive and North Stemmons Freeway.

30 minutes later, 57-year-old Kenneth Hamilton was shot and killed at a stoplight on South Beckley Avenue in Dallas.

Surveillance video shows a black Tahoe pull up next to Hamilton’s car and then drive off.

Police were later able to connect Harris’ vehicle in the incidents and Harris as the suspect.

Harris is also a suspect in a shooting that occurred Monday in which a black SUV pulled up behind a man’s car on East Grand Avenue and began shooting. Police say the driver of the car was injured, but survived.

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