DFW Resident Behind Newly Established ‘Patriot Movement of Texas’

(Katie Medina)

DALLAS (WBAP/KLIF) – A conservative movement in North Texas is pushing for accountability in politics.

The Patriot Movement of Texas is moving forward with its mission to unite Conservatives across the state.

“Our mission is to seek out and unite Conservative Patriots across Texas, as well as nationwide, who are fighting to restore Constitutional leadership in their county, state, district and country,” the group states on its website.

(Patriot Movement)

Katie Medina is the group’s founder and told WBAP/KLIF that she believes many Americans are lost under the current political climate.

“Not every Democrat is an ANTIFA member and not every Republican is a radical right crazy, but we’ve been forced to be on these far right and left spectrums, when in reality all of us usually fall in the middle,” Medina said.

According to the long-time Republican, her group will strive to connect conservatives across the state and hold leadership accountable by endorsing candidates and educating about what they stand for.

“When you see some many RINO’s sitting in our government, it’s like wait a minute you’re not working for us,” Medina said. “You’re not doing the things we put you here to do.”

The eventual goal of the movement is to expand its efforts beyond Texas and unite as once voice. Medina said it’s time to stand up together.

“Once we add states, it will only get larger with accountability,” she insisted.

Medina established the movement as a way to “clean up” the Republican party. She said she doesn’t believe America is ready for the establishment of a third party, so she’s focusing efforts on holding Republicans accountable for what they do, or don’t do in office.

“We will be connecting Patriots all across Texas and we will be picking up movements in other states so we can be there for we the people,” she said. “So when you have a problem Arizona it’s not just your local citizens that get to call and complain about the election official who’s not doing anything for them. You can get some backup.”

The movement is currently working with other groups in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and other states.

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